Hi how are you all friend please guide me my website 100% genuine content and daily 50 to 100 visitor i'm adsense request send and approve within 1 to 2 hours and i'm creat adds copy code and past code my website but second day my adsense account disable but why what is problume please tell me anyone.
my website [snipped]

didn't you got any email from adsense team?

You just have to send a request to adsense for the same issue.Because in adsense i never face such a issue.

There may be several reasons for disabled Adsense account. For example:- self clicking on Ads, multiple clicking on Ads by a single visitor, promoting visitors to click on Ads and many more. Please ask the Adsense team to pin out the specific reasons for suspension of your account.

Thanks Jashandeep for replay me.

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