Hi all, are there is any way to update Google cache?
I was check my site and that is not indexed properly by Google.

Google crawled my site on 3 weeks ago.
All cached and link of my site it not updated.
I have set my sitemap in google to daily in 2 months ago.
I check to Google and that is properly but if i checked my site in Google.
It not detect my new pages and modifications.

Any solutions for this ?


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I don't know of any way to directly influence the speed with which Google will crawl and index sites, or update the cache. Setting update frequency in your sitemap or meta tags will have no effect -- Google crawls and indexes your site based on other factors, such as site authority and history. A sitemap just helps Google find all your pages eventually (on its own schedule).

Updates to the Google cache typically trail updates to the actual search index by quite a bit -- days or weeks. You cannot use the cache as an indication of what is in the index. A better way to check is to search on exact strings in your new pages -- you may find them indexed but not yet in the cache.

As to how to speed up crawling and indexing, the best way to do this is to build the authority of your site, and that means building inbound links.

Hi, jreseo thanks for your response and suggestion . I have check my site on Google and it not detect the changes on my site. Google just detect my site on 3 weeks ago :|

Any other ideas?

Try to submit your XML sitemap in Google Webmaster tool.

And you can use social bookmarking for fast indexing..websites like digg.com can really help in easy indexing of site as they are fantastic traffic.

Also use Pingoat Service. Send Ping to Google and many other websites, they will release spiders on your blog and they will update their information about your website :)

Wow , thanks ..........
Thats great idea. About Submit my sitemap site, it was done some weeks ago :D

But Google stay not detect that. I will try your other suggestions.
Thank you so much :)

You can't tell to google to update their cache. They are the one who set on when to update. Try to submit your sitemap, I think this can help.

This is good information. I have two websites that are showing old pages that do not exist anymore.

I was waiting for google to update them. about 6 weeks wait time on GDS. I will add the site map and inbound links. I have added the websites to various directories the old pages are still showing up. Is there another way. These pages are gone. Only when I add the URL in the address bar will peopel see teh new site. I will get his old settings from the randon "search". Is there something I can do? Do I need to contact google directly, or what measures must be done?

Use Google webmaster tools ( http://www.google.com/webmasters/ ). In URL removal section there is an option for just clearing the old cashed page. You can update cache from there.


Yes, You have to call Google again to your site. Is it?
So, you have to get more backlinks. Then google will visit you very often. Specially, more social bookmarks will help much.

You just have to wait for Google to update things. I think using Google Sitemaps is the best you can do. Just give thm a little time to sort everything out. You can also add a redirect so people who do end up clicking on an old link are redirected instead to one of your current pages.

to ping the Google about updates is quite a useful method but don't ping Google often because you can get banned.

In my own experiences, keeping your site contents up-to-date and building quality backlinks from high PR(above 6) sources would be really helpful for this purpose. :)

Have a nice day,

Sorry for this one, but we've encountered the same problem before, you would just have to wait until Google crawls your site again :(

Ping, social bookmarking, blog commenting and etc.. do this it realy works

Ping, social bookmarking, blog commenting and etc.. do this it realy works

Yep this is what I would do ping, add new links on other sites, social, add new sitemap to web masters tool etc. usually they come back and check you site at least once a week.

I'm handling one website, few days back website was suspended by webserver host for 2-3 days due to no captcha in signup forum, due to this now my website does not appear in google search engine, earlier it was coming in first position.

The google cache updated home page with non-existent webserver page. Now how I can get my ranking back.


I'm handling the online work of one website, few days back webiste was suspended by webserver host due to no captach provided in signup form. Due to this google cache was updated by non-existent webserver host login page instead of my website home page.

Due to this my page was removed by google from all keywords searches. The company for which I'm handling website want his ranking back.

Please tell me how can I get my ranking back.

Use pingomatic.com and try to submit your side map and i thought that there would a information on google

Google can take time to crawl website it depends on yur domain authority try social bookmarking on high pr Websites.Submit Sitemap on google webmaster and check your sites's onpage.

The best reliable and tested method is reference from the authoritative website.

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