Hey everyone!
Im new on this kind of work.I have just created a website of mine.It is a business website and i need to make it come up fast on big search engines such as google,yahoo ect.
From all i have asked i have got an answer work ut with the html code and you use some keywords so when a turist for exmpl from kanada comes up to search hotels in google your website will come up fast on the list.
How exactly can i do it?
Please anyone help me it is very important for me.

I think it is a question of building a quality web site with extraordinary evolving content. Supplement that with Social Media influences. Make sure your keyphrases are prominently present in your optimizable web page components (title, internal anchors, in paragraph, headings, logical naming of images and web pages, tag attributes etc.). Don't overdo it however. Make each page completely unique to the Internet. You writing must be immaculately crafted. Exercise the extent of the language using such language components as abbreviations, synonymous keyphrases, pluralization, altering prefixes and suffixes etc. Avoid excessive repetition of keyphrases within your content. Write intelligently. You may have to be innovative to overcome your keyphrase competitors but there is no question that indisputably important content will outlast spam.

What "canadafred" has stated above is absolutely true to the point, and remember that anything you do will take time, there are no quick fix solutions, you will also have to go through the process of SEO using all the web tools available that is Blogging, Social Media Marketing etc..

For this you have to know about keywords of your website...which keywords should be better to target to your business. So for better keyword suggestion go with Google Adwords Tool, which gives a good estimation of keywords, which is very suitable to your website...By the keywords you can increase the visitors of your busines...Keyword Plays keyrole in Search engines for any kind of busines...