Search Engine Ads - click-throughs generate revenues for the search engine (with little control of clicking trickeries seemingly).

Link Farms - amasses links for a variety of revenue generating intent often through search engine ads click-throughs.

Dumpster Directories - accepts links haphazardously for profit in one fashion or another often with the intent of generating revenues through search engine ad clickthroughs.

Link Brokers - is a fraud in some states, blatantly sells hyperlinks for search engine ranking value often for the awarded web page to generate click-through revenues.

Link Building Strategists - generate income by creating hyperlinks for the intent of manipulating the search engine.

Scraper Sites ...

Purposeless Forums ...

banner ads, phony yellowpages ...

(sole purpose of existence revolves around capitalizing on hyperlinks)

My point? Oh ya. It's a ... a ... it's this: It's a big machine. The corporate giant has no conscience. Internet marketers globally pick away at pennies. Delusions and illusions amount and infest ... ya. That's my point.

Where does the money come from to support this industry revolved around the hyperlink?

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Thanks for sharing your research!

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