I am using Google AdSense ads. I have one question about differences for US clicks and international clicks from Google AdSense. I mean how important is one click from US and many clicks from other countries like Philippines, China or others.

I can bid for 5 cents per click from China or Pakistan while I have to pay like 40 cents per click from US.
That means I can get 8 clicks from China or Pakistan but only 1 click from US.

In terms of SEO, is it better to get 8 clicks from China or Pakistan or just 1 click from US?

Thanks very much!

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You are using Google Adwords to purchase ads not Google Adsense. If human beings are clicking your ads for the purpose of buying your product or service then 8 clicks are better than 1 doesn't matter where the traffic derives.

But i heared that USA clicks have great worth than the others countries users...

Yes it is good for your site or blog gettting traffic from other countries also this is also good for SEO. If your site gets good trsffic then your site automatically optimising early and then also getting audiences from US.

US traffic is considered to be of high value that is why their click rates are high.

Us Markets provides a more quality traffic as compared to other countries.Try to concentrate on US Markets for Google Adsense ads.

I don't know what is so special US Markets. Your Bidding should depend on the market you want to sell your products and / or services.

Us traffic is quality and good so it is useful for owner. Other countries are not relevent traffic because they are doing some other work and they clicks on google ads.

Site would be more popular from where it gets most of clicks, that is ho search engine judge

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