Can any one share most useful Add-ons of Mozilla Firefox?

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At the moment I am using, and would say they are really useful:

Firebug, a must have for web developers, allows you to inspect source code etc.

NoScript, you can selectively disable JavaScript on webpages, useful for long running or faulty scripts and adds a bit more security

Cookie Self-Destruct, destroys cookies when you close the tab to prevent tracking etc.

Firebug Definately a lifesaver for me in debugging site UI and scripting.
Color Zilla Allows you to pick out colors from a site.

Tile Tabs Allows you to view your tabs in tiles, thus allowing you to view them all at the same time
No Script Awesome, allows you to customize certain websites, best for manipulating youtube and google

Honestly... the best addon by far is firebug... i really don't use firefox that often... only if i want to have a "hands on" experience with a site's css :)

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