I am slowly enlarging my website and now wonder what to do when getting backlinks from directories in different categories.
For example, I'm having an entry in 'webdesign' and I guide it to my main page. But then, if I'm getting a link from the 'webhosting' category, should it better go directly to my webhost page in order to rank this page better in Google (and probably help my whole site with that), or should I also direct it to my main (/root) page?
What would be better for my over-all visits and popularity?

I'd be really glad to get hints! I'd rather guess to better direct the entries to not necessarily my main page, but my best fitting sub-pages, but I'm unsure.


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If your main page (Home page) has good page rank then you can get links to your sub pages. Although it's no harm linking to your sub pages but concentrate on your home page first. You can check your web pages backlinks on websites like seositecheckup.com/back_links.php. I like that you are very specific about category. It'll help you get better results.

Actually if your indexed page already have backlink eventually your subpages will follow.

In my own experiences, it's better link directly to the webhost page. Such deep linking would not only benefit the linked page but also help in ranking for your main domain. :)

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