What is the best technique for indexing a new site in google?

I have been using social bookmarking with good success, but I was wondering what everyone else is doing.

Besides Social Bookmarking you should consider Blog Submission, Directory Submission, Forum Posting, Article Submission, Your MySpace, YouTube Webpage Submission, etc.

Sunil Punjabi

To add to the list: Squidoo, Gather, press release, article submissions …

try to make also some keywords related for SEO but not more than 15% or google will consider you as spam as google is human rating interface and not robot one like other search engines , also blogs and forums will help a lot in getting you indexed

An effective technique for quick inclusion while you perform the ongoing search engine optimisation techniques is to get a link from the first page of an already listed site. This is true for internal links as well.

Our homepage http://www.kronikmedia.co.uk has a good Page rank. Whenever we add new pages to the website we make sure we link directly form the homepage at least temporarily. This leads to the new page getting indexed by Google much quicker.

Another effective search engine optimisation technique is to add an independent word press blog to your website. If you don't have new content for the blog then consider using it for the news section on your website. We have seen positive effect on our website ranking after we introduced a search engine marketing advice for business blog on our website.

after built my website ( HTML only ) i use to built a sitemap.xml , add my domain in google webmasters tool and after this add my sitemap.xml under that domain and wait 1-2 days.

it will be indexed on google for sure.
ıf you want to have better results in SERP you have to do what other friends said , submit your website to social bookmarks, ask your friends to do the same about your website, write any article related to yourwebsite and submit in article submission websites.

also you can use squidoo or hubpages :)

Get quality links and also forum signature is also a good way of getting faster indexing.

forum signature is not that precious for this cause,

i.e : Daniweb has a nofollow signatures link, so the spiders on forum will not visit your website ;)

also u can use the free social network and sites like facebook and post your link there in groups

Everyone uses same ways .. directory listing, social bookmarking, forum postinge etc etc..

linkbuilding is a big help to get indexed by google...

You should put a site map on the site and also put your site in social bookmarking sites.

you must do article submission,blog submission,and forum posting

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