Hi friends this is my site <snipped URL> its PR is 3 now i have done all the promotions like link building, smo, pr promotions,forums, email promotion, but i am not getting the better rank of ALEXA . please review my site suggest me what to do.

Thank you.

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Ranking will not reflect immediately. I am assuming you did these practices correctly. Allow some time for search engines to notice these changes.


And don't focus on alexa ranking...much better if you focus on serp ranking.

Social Bookmarking is the best way for traffic

Try to submit interesting articles to digg.com

it has significantly improved my site's traffic.

It is now in the 500k range since it started on 1st July 2008

And don't focus on alexa ranking...much better if you focus on serp ranking.

It's true..and better try this one social bookmarking..specially in digg.,stubmleupon etc..

Will you please tell me your site url. Don't worry if you write your url in forum then it will not bad your site.

Here are so many professional and highly expert guys present to help each others.

Without review your site I can't guide you about Alexa ranking.

maybe try submitting articles,social bookmarks,post an advertisement,and do some directory submission.

the content of your website must be genuine. It should not be copied from anywhere. It should be interesting so that the user keeps visiting your website regularly for updated information. Try to write as many articles as you can so that the chances of driving traffic to your website are more. The chances of improving Page Rank sooner and getting placed in top 10 search engine results are greater when you have interesting content on your website.
i think this is the best way:) hope it helped you

heres my list to improve your traffic

* Directory submissions
* Social book marking
* Forum posting
* Blog commenting
* Article submission
* Article submission

I believe directory submissions and forum posting do help. Even link backs from other websites will help. When getting link backs take care to see that the link back is from a website which has similar theme as your site. For eg. if you have a Games site there is no point in having the link in Cooking site. It will lose its meaning.

If you're not super tech savvy, the quickest, easiest way to do it is to hire a company to handle it for you.

I think particepating on social bookmark, forum postings, article submission & SMO are the best way to get huge traffic to our website.

Alexa is a reflection of visitors to your site that have installed the Alexa toolbar plugin for their browser.
You should install it on your browser and at least your site visits will be counted in their ranking. Some general traffic will most likely help your ranking.

it is better to do Social bookmarking, Directory submission and Forum posting will gradually increase your page rank...

Referal traffic can improve the alexa rank. But make sure its note a primary parameter to measure the proformance of the site.

"steps to Increase Website Traffic:
1:Post Quality and Regular Content
2:Give Attention to Website Theme & Loading Time
3: Target Your Content to an Audience Likely to Share
4:Participate in the Communities Where Your Audience Already Gathers5:Make Your Blog’s Content SEO-Friendly "

To increase traffic you need to do social media marketing which is one of the best way to increase traffic and it effects soon if you create good strategy. There are many of social media marketing websites available on online which help you to promote you website.

only SEO won't generate the traffic . You should try SMO (social media Optimixation) and should have unique and quality content for your site as google cheaks for unique content. This will gradually increase traffie for youe website.

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