I’m analyzing keywords for my ad words campaign; this is the first time I’m running ad words for my site.
So I’m a little bit confused with keywords selection, I’m using the Google keyword tool for keyword analyzing. In this tool which match type should I choose? In order to get better result Broad, Exact, Phrase.

Dont worry, I am also an adwords user.
your keywords should reflect the words in your ads and both inturn should reflect about your site. then only you will get lower bidding rates. more over you can use the oppurtunities given by adwords team

It depends on what search queries you would want your ad to appear in.

I always use broad match when I'm using that keyword tool for our web hosting company. So if you used 'web hosting' (that's just an example as that is a very expensive keyword phrase!), my ad should appear in queries such as 'web hosting company' or 'webhost.'

With phrase, it's a search for that phrase and with exact, your ad would only show with that exact keyword search. Hope that helps!

keywords are nothing but the main conceptual frame words in your ad, like in a advertisement on tea flavor, would be key word

Google keyword tool is the best tool for searching a keyword basing on PPC. You can choose broad if you need to have the generic keywords or the demand keywords for your niche. while using the exact option, you will be given the exact list of your desired terms.

Broad match: keyword

(The broad match modifier may also be used to further refine your broad keyword matches: +keyword.)

Phrase match: "keyword"
Allows your ad to show for searches that match the exact phrase

Exact match: [keyword]
Allows your ad to show for searches that match the exact phrase exclusively

Negative match: -keyword
Ensures your ad doesn't show for any search that includes that term

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