how can we create sitemap and what is the importance of sitemap in SEO?

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There are main two method to create back links.

  1. Automated tool
  2. Manually

Personally i will suggest you to create it manually if your website is static in case of dynamic website you can use tool like

Hope you understood.

Right,xml-sitemap is good for generating the xml sitemap.

now a days XML sitemap is beneficial for seo perspective, you can create free sitemap in xml format from here: www.xml-sitemaps.com just set the frequency and save your time by creating it manually.

Sitemap is known as heart of SEO, the process to enhance the visibility on search engine listing.you can create free sitemap in xml format www.xml-sitemaps.com

There are various tools are available for sitemap. for xmlsitemap follow xml-sitemap.com

Hi..Now a days XML sitemap is beneficial for seo perspective, you can create free sitemap in xml format from here: www.xml-sitemaps.com just set the frequency and save your time by creating it manually.Thank you..

You can install Google XML sitemap plugin if you using Wordpress CMS for your site.

Many tools available for creating sitemap on search engines.www.xml-sitemaps.com is the best website for sitemap creation.

xml-sitemap is need to index the web psge in search engine.it gives the all update about website to search engine.

Why pages not defined in sitemap are indexing?
Is it needed to be included in the sitemap?

The xml-sitemap - generated sitemap do not contain these indexed web pages.

There are various sites available on internet for sitemap creations but www.xml-sitemaps.com is best for sitemaps.

If you are using WordPress, my answer is yes. You can install Google XML Sitemaps for free and this plugin will create search engine friendly sitemaps instantly.

Site with sitemaps mean a home with property. Someone will know if that is a home not a ghost home. Thats why search engine need sitemaps. But, remember do not spamming by submited your sitemap in all search engine. Just let search engine come to you.

Is there an online tool for the mentioned Google XML Sitemaps ?

There are many tools to create sitemap sitemap generator A site map is a list of pages of a web site. If you have sitemap it help search engine while crawling.

@shanan.seamedia; Google XML Sitemaps is free plugin and you can using it directly into your WordPress CMS

this site www.xml-sitemaps.com best for every business but if your business have more then 500 pages then chose other site for creating sitemap.

you can generate both html and xml site mapy by using this web site. www.xml-sitemaps.com

Actually, if you are a cPanel user see if Attracta is in your options. The service will create a free sitemap and submit to a number of serach engines. It isn't the perfect tool but it is a quick and easy way to get started with a sitemap and engine submissions.

Go to xml-sitemaps.com, then enter your full websites url and then folow instruction provide by site then click on Start and Wait till your sitemap is being created And then click on then given link and download your sitemap.xml file

You said that 2 types of sitemap 1st automatically and 2nd is manually so i want to ask that how to make manually site map

There are many websites and tools are available for sitemap creation. Try to choose any one

Sitemap is very important because when search engine bot read your site this is the first thing which google bot search in you site and it also help to read searhc engine bot to read your site links. You can create site map on www.xml-sitemaps.com site which is totally free.

xml-sitemap.com from this site you can create the sitemap in any format. other than that thare are many sitemap genrtation tools are available in the market.

you can provide the details in www.xml-sitemaps.com/ for sitemap generation.

make sure you submit your sitemap to google and bing so you can monitor the pages being indexed...

www.xml-sitemaps.com is the best and easiest one as long as u don't exceed 500 pages...

but to be honest just high PR links will get you found and crawled naturally!

good luck

You can create sitemap manually or using tools. There are many tools to create sitemap. Sitemap contains the links of all page in our site. Sitemap helps search engine while crawling website.

Their are many websites available on internet which help us to create sitemap. for eg. xml-sitemaps,web-site-map. When google bots visit our website to crawl data it not checks whole website, it crawls data from sitemap thatswhy sitemap is very important.

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