Can we give our Search Engine Optimization work to someother person.They promise top rank in google.

SEO can promote your website not a particular person so you can give SEO work to any person.

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Yes you can it is the business now days , if you thing you can get good result

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Yes, if he/she has good expertise in seo than you can give the seo work to them.

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yes you can give them task and they will work on your site..

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Sure you can. BUT!

  1. Have them give you references--companies they have put on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

  2. Have them tell you how they will do it. Look on this forum for "black hat" SEO techniques. If the company is going to use "black hat" techniques, RUN AWAY FAST AND FAR! Black hat techniques get you on to the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo--for a while. Then the search engines find out about the techniques, and you are NO LONGER on the first page. In fact, if the company did a lot of black hat SEO, your site could be banned.

  3. Have them give you a proposed timeline to get on the first page, as well as a budget for the iniital setup and monthly costs.

  4. Learn SEO yourself, if only to understand when a company is trying to blarney you.

Just give him the detail about your site little bit that he can understan at what possition site is , there is no need to give the SEO work

its good, if you hire a team instead of out source the work. Because you don't know what technique they would use to achive the ranking and if they use black hat technique than your site penalized by search engine after some time.

I wouldn't hire anyone who promises to get your site on first page of google, because they don't control Google, and google is making so many changes lately it's getting hard to know what is accepted and what isn't - even some of Google's own old webmaster guidelines can now cause a penalty.