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It takes a lot of work. You need to allocate at lease 1 hour a day creating back links and anchor tex. Also, look at the backlinks a competitor has used and use them. Age on a web site also helps.


Create more and more backlinks for your sites. And backlinks should quality links. For raised alexa rank, do more and more seo work for your site. It is not too difficult.


We can easily raise the Alexa ranking By building more number of quality backlinks and perfect Search Engine Optimization.


Hi Vlad,

I clicked the link to your site and got very confused. You're saying here that it acts as a traffic exchange based on the Alexa Toolbar. That reminds me of the old Clickthru.net network that I used to use back in the late 90s!! I understand exactly what you're trying to do there, and kudos for that.

Howeve,r when I clicked on your link, it seemed like some kind of confusing dating site to meet singles. I instantly bailed, and was very confused.

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