I like to gain back links on my sites. However, I do not have much time to do this.
Most of my time is to write new articles and submit them to article directories and create in my blogs to submit to social bookmarking sites.

Should I hire someone to submit my sites to new web directories?

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I wouldn't.

Approximately 99.92451% of directory listings are a complete waste of Internet real estate. Their only purpose is for self-preservation, usually to attract click-throughs on their site's ads. Their links that they return back to your stuff is often "no-follow" or contorted elseway and of very little value to the Internet and to the search engine. That's a new word elseway.

The reasons why people want links so bad is in hope that the search engines considers their web page important because it has a whole whack of spam links pointing to it. This silly illusion the search engine is quite familiar with.

I would suggest you concentrate on writing important content rather than manipulating your content to appear to be important.

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I wouldn't recommend hiring someone to submit to directories on your behalf because it's likely that no-body but yourself will have your goals in mind, but their pocketbook instead. Most directory submission services own multiple directories with software set up so they can input your data and submit to multiple of those directories all at once, i.e., a network of directories that are likely all on the same server, IP address, owner, etc., that produce multiples of links to your site all at once. search engines can spot those easily and they provide no benefit, in fact it can cause your site a penalty as it will be obvious those are paid links.

If is a good idea, however, to get a wide variety of links from different sources so directory submissions are a good idea, as long as they are quality relevant directories. So, if you want directory submissions you should do it yourself, one by one.

You can hire someone to submit your website in web directories and social bookmarking sites but I will recommend you that you can do it yourself so you can whats the response and results.

If you are busy with some other stuff then you can hire who can do submission.

I wouldn't recommend to hire someone only for submit new web directories. Write unique content and submit to blog/article are more important than directories.

If you are able to provide him the Title and Descriptions required to submit, and if you can tell him the exact or most relevant categories to submit to, I don't see any problem in assigning the work to someone else. But now it is upto him how expertly he perform the task. If you have no control over his submission work it will become useless if no harmful (there is no harm if the submission went wrong at all).

I can say definitly Web Directories (if not all though a lot) plays an important role in building your site's link profile.

HI tadisaus2:

You can hire someone, but look at it this way: It should only take you about an hour a day to post 10-15 directory postings. If you work 25 days a month, that equates to 250 to 375 directory postings per month.

Want the easy way to do it? Look at my tutorial here on Basic Directory Postings. Once you have all the information accumulated, you should be able to get at least 10 postings done per hour. That hour can be while you are sitting on hold, or any other little bit of downtime you might have.

How do I know you should be able to do 10 postings an hour? Because I do! And I don't do anything sophisticated, just copy and paste.

You Should hire someone to submit to new directories, and also concentrate on social bookmarking

yes you Should hire someone to submit to new directories, to get more and valuable back links