it is possible or not to increse the ranking without traffic.

No, Traffic plays an important role for the website ranking!

Well, @davijhon your question doesn't makes sense at all, it will be much better if you elaborate a little more on what you are trying to convey over here ! as "not to increase the ranking without traffic" doesn't makes any sense at all !

u optimize a website so that it can go on the first page so that u can get traffic, not the other way round
optimization is to ensure that u rank high in search engines for keywords
i think u need to read seo 101 from wikipedia or

@kelly burbey others two amanda 2 and sasikudo is understand my question i don't know why you did't understand my question.

Rankings and Traffic go hand in hand, better the rankings better the traffic will be. Why do you want to stop one directly related indicator?

@davijhon I guess those other two person aren't interested in posting helpful solution rather than I would say they themselves don't know what they are posting over their ! Rather than I would say what they are trying to do is what we call signature spam ! Now intsead of commenting more over here can you clarify what your question is.. ?? or I would move onto other threads !