1) Go for the strong and unique Contents
2) Make a strong Keyword Phrase
3) Choose best Title Tag
4) Make SEO Friendly URL
5) Go for the strong Meta Tags
6) Build always strong Links
7) Make SEO friendly URLs
8) Put the Sitemap
9) Alt Attributes on images
10) Works on the Social Media too

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Include header tag
Check keyword density for every page
Add inbound links

I'm a little confused by this discussion thread - just a cheap effort to expose the links in your sig?

1. Go for the strong and unique Contents
This makes no sense at all.

2. Make a strong Keyword Phrase
Care to elaborate?

3. Choose best Title Tag
How would a user know what's best? Can you explain further?

4. Make SEO Friendly URL
How do you mean? Using hyphens instead of underscores and so forth?

5. Go for the strong Meta Tags
Yeah this is just as poor as number 1.

6. Build always strong Links
Just as bad as 1 and 5...

7. Make SEO friendly URLs
EXACTLY the same as number 4...

8. Put the Sitemap
I think you mean create, upload and present an XML sitemap to assist crawlers?

9. Alt Attributes on images
Oooo here we go, a good one! Example below:

Instead of this:
<img src="place/place/image.jpg"/>

Use this:
<img alt="This will show if the picture fails to load!" src="place/place/image.jpg"/>

10. Works on the Social Media too
This makes no sense. Do you mean actively update your social network accounts?

I hope my 'investigation' above helps someone! :D

Thanks for sharing this post. It's really helpful for me.

*Optimize your website title tag
*Optimize your meta data
*Insert ALT tag to your website images
*Build quality backlinks
*Create sitemap
*Creat robot.txt file
*Perfect off page strategies
*Effective social media
*Optimize for local search
*Maintain your website properly

Add given techniques in your list

1) Add Website in Google Webmaster tools
2) Add XML Sitemap, also add in GWT
3) Solve Canonical issues
4) Also solve all technical and seo issues of website.

Thanks for sharing us these type of techniques.Its really great.

Off page SEO is alos the best SEO technique to rank the keywords on serach engines.

I have known many information from this.

Thanks for sharing.

Nice information..But before doing SEO,first we should concentrate on quality of the content about our services..

As per Point Number
10) Works on the Social Media too

Social Media updates not coming in top SEO Techinques.

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