I have been using Google AdWords for a while but unsuccessful.

Usually, it costs me around $2.50 per click for a keyword like 'Asian dating site'.

is there a secret to pay for less than 50 cents per click?

Thanks guys.

Thanks for the information. How voltrank helps in Google Adwords?

The best way to make PPC porfitable is:
1. Use Long tail Keywords
2. Use Geographic Targeting
3. Use Demographic Targeting
4. Limit your daily Budget
5. Use Time Scheduling

google adwords is so good to get more keywords and their local or global traffics on it.........

Find more long tail keywords,can short your ad fee.

Well, if you have money to invest then you can go with this, it would help, without money you can't do anything with it.

TIP #1: Split Up Your Campaigns & Ad Groups thru web tools
TIP #2: Create Extremely Specific Ads, Match Your Ads to Your Terms
TIP #3: Use Your Keyword In Your Ad (sometimes)
TIP #4: Create Multiple Ads & Monitor Those Ads
TIP #5: Stay Up-To-Date, Use Google's Help Resources

Ive recently created my website to give a little information about entertainment and for make some income with Affiliates program about one month ago and I did my account in Google Adwords a 2 days ago but they send me a e-mail telling me my site is violating they privacy policy and sugest me to change my site.This is all have to do with Affiliates Praogram? I did pages advertising Affiliates products in my webpage by I dont no if it`s against their policies? Can anyone explain what I doing wrong please? Thanks

  1. create 2-3 set of ads with different keywords and location targeting
  2. monitor those ads and keywords
  3. create Specific Ads and try to include keyword(optional) in it
  4. Limit your daily Budget
  5. use time scheduling and long tail keywords(pick up commercial keywords not informative keywords)

I hope it helps