I go for SEO

S=earch E=ngine O=ptimization

To look for SEOs go learning about server analytics like google analytics, bing analytics, yahoo analytics (I am not sure for yahoo if it is yahoo analytics or not)

by doing on page and off page search engine optimization techniques.

If you are dealing with fresh website, then go for good on page optimization and build quality links. You may submit the URLs in search engine for fast indexing.

now the unique method for ranking your website is by having quality content along with good number of backlinks.

firstly you needs to adds website in google webmasters tools.
do off page strategies such as
- bookmarking
-blog posting
-article writing

firstly starts with this.

Doing off page SEO
Article submission
Blog Comments
Directory Submission
Social Bookmarking
Forum Posting
Blog Creation

Submit your website in search engines after that do SMO and SEO to promote your new website.

List your business in Local business directories through which you can increase your business visibility.

Promote in Social media like facebook,twitter,Google+ which helps to drive instant traffic.

Get quality backlinks to your website through link building activities like Blog commenting,Forum participation,Web 2.0 submission,Article submission etc..

First we do proper on page seo, and then do organic off page seo method this the first....

There are a number of ways to promote any type of website (whether it is ecommerce or technology or any other).First, you perfectly optimized your website according to SEO by doing proper on page SEO and then submit your website into the various social bookmarking sites, directory submission, forum posting and many other tasks. For more informations, you can browser on Google and you find a lot of valuable important informations on that.

If you have budget then you can go for PPC other wise free seo is also good.

For new website is important to do right seo...

Do SEO & SMO for your website.
1.Make your website SEO-friendly
2.Check whether your content is relevant to your services/products you are offering
3.Do keyword research
4.Do various submissions on directory,social bookmarking,blogs,press-releases
5.Post and comment in forums
1.Create fan page for your website on popular social media platforms like
Facebook,Twitter,Google+,Linkedin etc.
2.Be interactive on these platforms.
3.Promote your products there.

You have to start proper on page optimizations and off page optimizations to improve site traffic's.

On the off chance that you don't use cash advertising your site, you're going to need to invest time. So why waste time attempting to advertise your site utilizing systems that will just bring you minute returns, if any? In case you're ready to chip away at them, these five free site advancement procedures will convey, compensating you with expanded site movement.

There are lot of approach to promote a site at search engine. Yet you have to need SEO stuff to promote your site with manualy. many tips are available at online.you can go with them or you can hire a great SEO master who's think about optimization and how to promote a website at search engine.

Doing proper onpage and offpage link building and give more concentrate on SMO.

To promote your website you start practicing off-page techniques as it will increase your visibility in social media as well as in search engines.
so, some of the off-page SEO techniques are

  1. Social Bookmarking.
  2. Directory Submission.
  3. Classified Ads.
  4. Question & Answer (Q&A).
  5. Forum Submission.
  6. Blog Commenting.

Pandatech, what are you using right now? I see some third-party Google ads injected in there but it doesn' tlook like AdSense.

Also, I see you're using Cloudflare. I'm new to Cloudflare but love it so far. What do you think of RocketLauncher?

Try Social Media platform for promoting new Website

Do social media and Paid advertisement.

1.First, you need to remove all html error from index page then validate html.

  1. Test your website speed it should 70% above speed.
  2. Submit your website to all major search engines and create webmaster tools.
  3. Add a favicon to your website.
  4. Create quality back links.
    6.Create article with your website link.
  5. Create Facebook, twitter, YouTube page, then link with your site.
  6. Make google featured snippet.
  7. Your main index page should lightweight.
    10.Start title tags with your target keyword
    11.Put your target keyword in the URL

Do On-Page Optimizations (Meta Tag) then Do Off-Page Optimization.

I guess now SEO has changed a lot. Now you will see websites that have built lesser links than those which have spammed all over the internet with their web pages, yet the website with zero links will be ranked higher in SERPs. It's all about the relevancy, authoritativeness, and context. If your content and user-intent match, boom you are going to be ranked. Try to provide value and spend on acquiring quality backlinks that are relevant and built in a natural way.

Building your site in the beginning all the effort took into establishing it up will go to waste if nobody sees it. Here are the tips that will help you to rank your site.

  1. Strengthen your website SEO
  2. Make use of e-mail marketing
  3. Beginning a blog
  4. Try guest blogging
  5. Harness the power of social media
  6. Submit your site to online directories
  7. Message on forums
  8. Reach out with outreach advertising
  9. State it with your trademark
  10. Concentrate on high quality
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Here are some Promotional Techniques for Your Online Store
1 Make use of (and continue to expand) your email list.
2 Strengthen your organic social media presence.
3 Make your website SEO-friendly.
4 Create information that is both fascinating and valuable.
5 Take a look at Google Ads.
6 Use social media to promote your business.
7 Collaborate with brands that are complementary to your own.
8 Take part in online discussions and activities.
9 Use influencer marketing to your advantage.
10 Make the most of your brick-and-mortar store (s).
Hope this is helpful!

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most effective thing is to do high quality guest post

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Once you decide to create a website for your business, you’ll need to put in the effort to promote it properly. Using the strategies mentioned above, you can experience a higher range of website traffic and see greater conversions.

Whether you need help revamping your current site or you are looking for someone to help you design a new website

  1. SEO Tactics
  2. Website Blog
  3. Social Media
  4. Digital Advertising
  5. Press Releases
  6. Guest Posting
  7. Local Listing Sites
  8. Traditional Mail
  9. Forums
  10. Outreach Marketing

Thank You
[Pradeep Madgaonkar]

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If you're promote a website. So seo is the best way for promote a website and business.

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