I heard that google updates just happened. But there is no change on the websites I am working on though there are good listings. I mean the PR has not been updated for my website.

I have done link exchange and directory submissions for the site this month but the PR still remains the same.

Any ideas??

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Nothing changes with me :(

You More Focus on Free Classified, Forum Posting and Social book marking its very helpful to your website

You More Focus on Free Classified, Forum Posting and Social book marking its very helpful to your website

In other words Vrinsoft is telling you to get link building and here are some good linking strategies that I assume are working well for him.

My opinion only folks, link strategists are SEO weenies.

Look within your own web pages. Adopt an SEO strategy that is all within your own control. Your web pages. Look there to increase the importance of your content. Look within.

I too don't think so... My friends website rank was updated two time after every 3 months.

important thing is work hard don't worry about google updates its happen in every 3 month....... try to get your keywords in top ranking in google.....

Doesn't seem to have changed on my site either.....never mind lets keep at it anyway !

Good luck all of you out there

Just keep working on it and submitting to search engine. on update it will change the PR.

yaaa i too dint notice any change in my pr, this time google has not given pr has though i was expecting for 3 pr atleaste.....

The next google update is expected in April 2009.

Thanks for that news. Do you know when updates for alexa & yahoo happens?

My friend said the next Google update is next month, but I don't believe him. PR update is too erratic these days.

the google updates are done after every 6 months, alexa every 3 months and yahoo don't know as i don't really care about it.

My site has no change,and i think high quality backlinks could promotion your site quickly.

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