I spend 9000 GBP on one PPC campaign and 3600 GBP on another PPC campaign along with good selection of keyword list categorized with various adgroups supported by different adcopies. I also employed different keyword phrase matching option based on the search queries but I'm not getting enough conversions per month; getting only less than 25 conversions on one campaign and less than 10 conversions on another. Therefore I would like to know the better ways of optimising the PPC campaigns. If you anyone have good success with PPC campaigns can you please share it?

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It's really hard to give help without having access to your AdWords campaign. Managing an AdWords campaign can be a very time-consuming process. It can take many, many years to fine tune what works and what doesn't. How many different ad groups do you have? How many keywords per ad group? How many different ads per ad group? How targeted are your keywords? What are you paying per click? Are you trying different landing pages to see which pages convert better than others? How does your conversion rate from AdWords compare to your conversion rate from other traffic sources?

  1. Keywords :
    Pause those keywords which are not having good ctr
    Pause Keywords which are having high traffic but no conversion
    Re check if every keyword is relevant to your business
    recheck if keywords are allocated properly to your ad groups

  2. Ad Copies
    Pause non performing ad copies
    create new ad copies

  3. Have you used remarketing (display) if not then do use it

  4. add sitelinks it helps in increasing conversion

  5. Bid - Try to maintain high bid for keywords having more conversion so that you are in top 3 positions


What do you understand by conversion:
a. visitors on site
b. visitors that buy from site.

If you say you choosed right the keywords ... maybe the are not the right keywords - I mean make a new set of keywords see what happens.
Also sometime you advertise doing the right thinks and you don't get anything cause the market is not big enough.


Try to drive more and more traffic for your site ,then you can get the good responce


Ads that run in search results only perform much much better than those that appear on search network pertners web pages. False (fraudulent) clicks will eat up your budget fairly quickly with little tangible conversions. Adwords nemesis is Adsense and Adsense is not about conversion at all. It's about generating click throughs for profit, profi for the publisher and profit for the search engine. At your expense!! Simply monitor your keyphrase performance and keep your ads away from greedy publishers.

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