hello off page seo is the technique to improve our backlinks and there are many ways to get backlinks like dir , bookmarking , article

There are two main activities in Seo on page seo and off page seo.In seo people do off page activiy for generate backlinks for their website.There are many off page activites in off page seo
Social Bookmarking
Article Submission
Forum Submission
Blog Submission
Document Sharing
CSS Submission
Blog Commenting
Q & A Sites
Guest Post

Unlike On- page search engine optimization, off-page SEO refers to actions outside the boundaries of the webpage.The most important are Link Building, Social Media and Social bookmarking

Offpage seo is a part search engine optimization which is used to improve our website backlinks. It includes some techniques like directory submission, blog comments, social bookmarking, forum posting etc.

once more seo of page is include :
- Create Name Card
- Create Brocure
- Advertising in Radio or TV
- and talking about your blog and promoting your blog to everyone in anytime and anywhre

I can say that Off-page is one part of SEO, includes bookmarking, forums, directory, pdf, article, press, video. These are helpful for making your site visible to the audience or users in the search engine results page

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