I have got to know from my SEO company that the home page does not qualify for SEO. I am being suggested w3c validator which shows about 14 formatting errors and I'm unable to understand why it is showing these errors, on the other hand, if I remove those errors I have to see html errors on my browser. My question is that: "Is it necessary to get my website validated by w3c? Does that make any effects on my SEO? The site address is www.dressrepublic.com

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If you check some of the major sites, you'll notice that they may not validate either. From an SEO perspective, validation is not the top concern.

however, by complying with these stands in web design, it helps to ensure your site is compatible across various browser platforms; so the idea is that aside from SEO, your users should have a better experience no matter what browser they are using to access the site. Most browsers do a pretty good job even if they encouter errors on your site.

I'd say, if you can fix the problems, then why not. I dont think though that just because your site will pass W3C validation that you would expect better SEO.

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