Which Page is called the perfect optimized page? If anyone tell you to optimize a page perfectly then how could you do? Which factors you should remember to make it perfect? Which on-page task you should implement to make your page perfect?

This is the question most webmasters keep asking but there is no straight answer to it.
Here is the list of some important things on page stuff:

1. Unique title and meta description
2. Content: well-written, unique, keyword-optimized
3. Links to other pages of the website and links from your website leading to this page.
4. No problems like broken links, validation code errors, 404 and other server response code errors.

I'm not sure there is such a thing as a "perfectly optimised page" it depends If your optimising for users/engines, traffic/comversion, how many keywords you target, what search engines you target, and what look and feel your brand/website needs. The design is also a matter of opinion.

Aside from this and other factors engines will never tell you what their algorithms are and they are constantly changing so even if you did get a "perfectly optimised" page it would not be "perfect" for long.

Hi Jesi am new here

you called "Perfect Page Optimized" is wrong actually it can be called "Perfect On Page SEO Optimized Page" right.

just concentrate on your content which must be unqiue, your keyword should be on h1 tag one time, one time h2 tag, your keyword should be beginning of article in very first line and botton line and at least 2 internal links on your keyword and if possible add one authority website link such as wikipedia, youtube, google etc...

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