I have a new website about wigs. Now I want to extend it.
So could you pleae kindly help me and give me some advice ?

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I have a new website about wigs. Now I want to extend it.


wigs you mean hair extensions?

You want to expand your wigs business, is that what you are trying to do?

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If you are asking for extending your website in terms of business, hire an SEO expert. This will increase ranking and popularity of your site.

There are two kind of things are available to extend business in web world (on-page optimization and off-page optimization) and this is also famous by the name of SEO.

Jsut sumit your business in business profiles as well as local listing websites.

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go for seo activities to build up the business and to extend the site in an appropriate way

You could do SEO by your self. SEO is a vast area. Search in Google you get an idea about SEO. There are many SEO tools are available. Recently I found Elite Site Optimizer tool. Which is the analytic tool as well as SEO tool.

increase the number of pages a per the number of products that you want to sell, and also per area, build links to each of these pages, and they will appear in the serps when searched for over time

i'm not clear with your question.

If you want extend your website then go for SEO & SMO Services.
-SEO will increase your visibility & credibility on search engines.
-Forums, Blogs will bring your keywords on top SERP
-SMO will attract your target audience which will increase traffic & ultimately your business.

You can opt for SEO experts who may help you to rank high in the search engines thus increasing your visibility.

Total SEO is the best strategy for better extend a new website.

Also focus intelligently on your T.I.P. Target Ideal Prospect. Who wants to buy wigs and where are they hanging out online?

Look for hair forum groups and communities as well as sites targeting certain age groups and demographics so you get in front of actual people.



Submit your website to SE by webmaster tool. Generate backlink from off page optimization that helps you to increse your visitor and popularity.

This totally sounds like a play on words ... you want to extend your wig business with hair extensions ;)

But, yeah, your question just is way too broad to make any sense. Read up about Internet marketing and come back to us with some more specific questions that we can help you out with. You can never stop learning or doing! There's no magic pill.

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