Hey friends i have one question that is revoloving in my mind from some time is that if i am working on site that have different keywords for different pages for home page it has different keywords and for inner pages it has different keywords then do we have work on the keywords according to the assigned urls or can we do the work og building backlink of any keyword with any page of the site ? if it is right then if suppsoe my keyword is abc of the home page of the site abc.com and i am working on abc keyword as building backlink with home page and also inner pages so do i increasing the competetion for myself or not ? So do we have to work on the keywords in building backlinks according to the assigned pages or can we do on any of the page . please provide the relevent answers after reading it carefully?


I wouldn't be focused on trying to manipulate the search engine to respond favourably to keywords by abusing anchors. Build useful optimized web pages that impress the search engine for specific keywords (keyphrases more likely).

Do deep linking technique and first, create your keyword map so you'll work easier with structurized keywords.

No, You must use a 1 keyword for desired page. If a keyword assinged you for inner page and and you are implimenting a home page URL then it will provide no food for you. Work on Each keyword according to assigned URL/Page.

Do quality of linkbuilding.