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What is press release role to make a website popular? Can we use anchor text with targeted keyword?

@Ravi Rajput

Can you explain more about what the Press Release is about?


press release should contain embedded links to key web pages on your site. Then, when it is distributed through a press release distribution service and is syndicated and posted on numerous third-party websites and blogs, you automatically have a powerful set of links (with chosen anchor text) back to your site. This means those links serve as a link signal for the major search engines and elevate your search visibility for your website.


Press Release is all about the news of your company, if you are a brand and always people search about your company news. Some of the PR sites accepting the link are some are not. Overall it will very much effactive for any website or a company if they do it.



Press release played an important role in making your website popular. I help others in knowing what unique services you are providing from other !! Well, with press release you can drive traffic on the go !!

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