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There are many software which increase the facebook like but those are not the original likes. My question is how can I see the original facebook likes and which free tools are prefered by you.

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put intresting data, which attract people and force for like

visit the profile, check for their updation. fake sites are generally made for increasing likes. these are not updated regularly as original facebook IDs are.

I will say you need to create more fan following of you and only than you can have more and more traffic.

We can see the orignal pages as well as profiles of those who likes us by going to their profiles.

There is not any fake way to increase likes you can do so by asking in your friend circle..

There is no tool to get original like. Getting likes using any tool is not good. Try to get original likes.

update your account regularly with attractive updates it will grab traffic to your account and strictly avoid fake accounts.

Lot of free websites there for getting the likes to your fb fan page.

Lot of free websites there for getting the likes to your fb fan page. yash

give those sites link plz

Ypu can visit the page or profiles of those person who likes you. though their posts displayed on your timeline.

Update your page in daily basis and full fill the people dreams.

This is true that that likes are fake, but that are preety good to make your imprresion on public.By showing that likes you can achieve real likes. But you need to post always impreesive contents.

Sharing Interesting posts and content will help you gain genuine likes. This might take some time but in the end you will get likes from real people around.

put some interesting data,valuable information or article,start sharing posts,pics or other content,always go for genuine work in facebook,get likes and comment on your post,do something that grab the attention of people that make them to like or comment on your post

post interesting and relevant content,share useful pics and links,try to increase fans/followers

Share attractive pics,useful content,links,valuable informations,update your page regularly which attract people for like.

Increase your friends list, it will provide you more likes and then make you as an admin side, in which you can find the original likers of your fanpage.

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