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I am a property consultant and have a website http://rvrealtech.in, I want my website show in google seach engine first page or also good reputation. So suggest me but I can do or which seo technique can i follow for my website.

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As u told that you are a properety consultant and if you are not from SEO field so you can hire some SEO experts for optimizing your website.

There are many ways to improve your visibility on the internets. Unfortunately and in my own opinion, it takes time. Did you create the website yourself or did someone else create it? Since you've gone live with your site have you used social media like Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of SM to point at (link to) your site? You can't just create a new website and expect Google to find it right away. Good metadata helps to for each page of your site. Keep on top of all that and your site will be found more by the Googles. And by the way, your link to your site is broken.

step no 1 : submit your url to google
step no 2 : sign in for google webmaster
step no 3 : submit your sitemap to google
by doing all this surely you will get some good result

Ofcourse, you have to start with proper on page optimizations technquies as well as authorized link building .

Visit some SEO blogs as well as watch some you tube videos (tutorials) form that you get the basic idea of SEO. so you can do the SEO process by your own.

Since your preffered audience must belong to a specific geographical location, I suggest you to channel your energy into your local area at first. Choose keywords based on a particular city or area in the beginning.

Visit some SEO blogs as well as watch some you tube videos (tutorials) form that you get the basic idea of SEO. so you can do the SEO process by your own.

i agree with manishgurjar307... thanks for your response

First of all, you have to start with Proper seo for your websites.

To rank your website you have to do SEO for your website. First do on page optimization and then do off page optimization to get backlinks to your website. Try to get quality backlinks because quality of links is more inmportant than quantity of baclinks.

How long will it take to come up in google for 2 phrase keyword ?

Hi Neha 01,
According to me for that we have to pay something...
As concern for the latest updates from google, google will check your first keyword tags, so it should be very adjusted or it must be as word that prefered to your website,

Paying facilities in SEO:
http://www.advancedwebranking.com (I found this yesterday...)
And also check down on this site, they recommend some more product on its too that have on the other link so take a look on it...


I am also finding this way to make my website on front page,
and I watch lots of video on youtube, and watch many article on the different blogs,
I found only onw way that working than all others still now, i.e. you should submit your url to google, use google webmaster and also add the your website sitemap to google...

And if you are using the google adsence than it more better because google also like to give the tags as per google adsene...
(I notice as per the Youtube, I am on youtube and I have some video while the video with the adds will be placed on the first page while other at last, same video, same tag just difference is monetize... - youtube is part of google)

So I will advice you to add google adsence etc in your site...
And when your website is famous, it will automatically on the first page, first topic...

THANK YOU : Deep Modi :-)

if you are creater of your site then you have two option to do SEO for your site one is on page and other one is off page.
So tell me you are the creater of your site?

1st ontimise your website's onpage then go for offpage link building,

i am the creator of my website then what I have to do?

Better to hire a SEO Expert. U want to get ur website to be indexed well in Google do onpage optimization first and then Offpage optimization and Social Networking.

meet some seo expert and do seo for your website

By doing on page and off page SEO techniques you can get good result.Submit keywords in do follow blogs and definitely you will better result.Here i have attached a link which have good SEO result.

best is to get an Seo hire for this

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