hello guys thanks in advance i started new technology and android blog http://www.gujar.org as my passion and hobby but i am not getting that much traffic which i want plz suggest some tricks and trips

if you desire to generate some organic traffic to your blog then you need to optimize your blog equally for your targeted visitor after that search engine, like onpage and offpage optimization, keyword analysis, link building strategy, conmpetetive analysis etc. How you have choosen your keywords? Low competetive keywords are easy to rank and require 2 to 3 months to be visible on the first page whereas high competetive keywords take 4 to 6 months. Now lets talk about direct traffic.Try to contribute to forums, yahoo Q&A community, ask Q&A community, fixya Q&A community, etc. Share your every post to socal media. Make guest blog posting to high PR sites. Most imortantly try to get backlinks from high authority sites. Defenitely it should be related to your niche. Why are'nt you doing some research? There are a lot of article, books, videos and tools available on the net to help you. Jost go for google your problem.

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Hasanul what you are describing above is resumed in simple terms in Search Engine Optimization, please talk about a little bit of those Articles, Books and Video tools on the internet. manishgurjar307, maybe you need something like article exchange where you can gain visits from people looking for information and it works as a traffic exchange. A very good beginning is posting your site on this Forum, I already visited your site you gain one visitor more, I wish you luck in your journey.

FIrst, follow a schedule to create the faith in the readers community. Communicate with them.Pormote your blog on popular social networking websites. Keep the informative and allied to current topics of interests.

  1. Optimize Your Content
  2. Define Your Audience
  3. Ensure The Blog Works Properly
  4. Submit the Blog to Search Engines
  5. Use Tactics to Grab Your Readers Attention
  6. Keep Your Blog Fresh

Thhis 6 step to increasing traffic of your blog.

you can try seo of the site and hence in this way you can choose all the techniques of seo.

Try to post some really intresting subjects and fresh content share it on social media sites will help you to get traffic

(1)Include relevant keywords and avoid keyword stuffing.
(2)Do not forget optimization of your blog.
(3)Submit your blog to top search engines.
(4)Use unique and fresh content.
(5)Add images to make blog attractive.
(6)Add links from high page rank sites.
(7)Submit your post to social bookmarking sites.

You can increase your traffic through optimize your blog. Do On Page as well as Off page Optimization and also don't forget about Social Media Optimization.

Social Media Optimization is best now a days. Go for that.

If you need traffic for your blog or site means prefer social media sites or else starts your submission (off page seo) process.

Optimise your content,use unique attractive and informative content,keyword should be relevant,add images to make the blog attractive post all activities in social bookmarking sites.

Do seo activities,Social media activities and get the backlinks.

Using SEO & SMO

submit unique article to article submission sites.

Go for proper planned SEO optimization.

hi, what is the best back linking process in 2014

Submit unique content and keywords.

first optimize your blog content and share your blog link to high page rank dofollow social site. you will be get batter backlinks from this websites. and genarate high traffics.

Well, in order to generate traffic to your blog you firstly need to create an intrest means why users is going to come back at your blog ? What is the need of the visiting on your blog, I mean just by asking yourself this question i am sure you are going to get the answer.

Its very good to hear that you have stared blog of your own. In case of a blog, you are having a lot of things to do. Here are quick tips for you:-

  • Update content regulary on your blog keeping users interest in mind.
  • Share your content on social media like twitter, facebook, linkedi and
    further with groups, communities you have joined.
  • Share your content on forums, communities

Using SEO and SMo.
and also do not spam.
Forums are for disscussions only. do not provides link over here.

Participate in social media and promote it...this is also one of the best way.

Share your blog detail through social media sites..and keep on updating your sit..

as for me advertising is the best way...it may be either paid/free

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