How to get traffic from India ?

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If you want to get traffic from India then first of all use GEO tag which means Geographical tag throuh which we can target any specific country in organic seo. Join social media sites and follow or invite people from India related to your theme. I'm sure this will help you to get traffic from India.

Submit your website in local indian directories, blog comments on Indian blogs as well as set geo target to India. this helps to get the trafffic from India .

Hi All

I agree with "mayaestat" point that local indian directory is a best option means you can use business listing sites of India. Just search business listing sites from India through co-citation process. You can also get traffice from India or from other country through checktick.

Set with geographic at india into webmaster tools .

Indian's are very active on social media.So you should target on that.

oh no..!!hanks for this nice info and whas are the procedures to follow

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