Hi, i have started a blog and no one is reading it. i feel i am going to get tierd of blogging when no one reads it. so i want to get traffic to it. but how ? :/

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Ads are a good way to start and have some other social media such as Facebook. Also try putting links on sites to visit your page (but don't get annoying and spam people). That is a few basics but if you search on daniweb, you can find many solutions because this question has been asked many times by new bloggers.

Most importantly, you must have an interesting blog if you want people not only to read one of your posts, but have them follow you and come back for more. You would hope that they share your posts and bring others to your blog site just like word of mouth. Social networking is going to be the best way to drive visitors to your site.

An important element of your blog posts that attracts readers is your titles. Make them catchy, controversial, intriguing, etc. Write on product reviews etc and anything that would attract your audience in your niche to visit your posts.

Focus on the content of your blog posts. Make sure that each posts is well researched and well written. Focus on the quality of your posts and not the quantity.

Include relevant long tail keywords in your article that would help your post rank high in search engines and would make it easy for your posts to be found and attract the right audience.

Add links in your posts to other relevant sites/posts on the web that can buttress the point your making. If for nothing else, these links would help to attract the owner of the site/article to which you're linking.

A picture is worth a thousand words. So include catchy images on each posts that best illustrates the topic of your article.

Once you've published your posts, share a link to it on all the social networks to which you belong. For me that would be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon. I would also recommend you pin the image used in your blog post to Pinterest.

Include relevant 'share buttons' and tools on your blog that would make it easy for your readers to share your posts with their network of friends.

If you have the money, I would also suggest that you pay for ads on Facebook to drive the necessary traffic to your blog too.

I hope this helps? Wish you the best.

You should do Seo to get traffic for your site....

Whenever you surff for anything then you will find many replies but we will go for the best one.How we recognize that which one is best.Am I right?
We look towards the Title firstly
Secondly we look for the theme
And then we will read the article or a blog so you have to take care of your title and the theme that you are using.Do you understand my friend.

Use optimizing budy I mean tell every one that you have a blog use social media for this you will have traffic.

post your blog on high rank blog sites and with the help of social sites u can increase the traffic on your blog you can also increase the traffic by the email marketting

You start Off page Optimization:

  1. Social Bookmarking Submission
  2. Forum Posting
  3. Article Submission
  4. Blog Commenting

now a days competition is very high for mostly all keywords, if you blog is not in top search result then bring it up by building backlinks. Another thing you can do is use social bookmarking sites and bookmark then under interesting and attractive titles you will get traffic for sure.

Crafting content is key to succesful blogging, in SEO. This may not necessarily generate many readers but will bring in "qualified" traffic. In writing well, I mean using the reach of the English language. Proper grammar and spelling are imperative. Intelligent copy is non-repetitive so keyword phrases need to be supported using related words that the search engine can detect. Using synonymous keyphrases, altering prefixes and suffixes, abbreviations, acronyms ... these language components can brincg a sense intelligence to your post, enforcing the important words. The search engine understands the difference between a well-crafted post and a copy/paste/modified/monitized/linked up piece of puke that's not likely worth its crawler's visit.

Here's an example a group of related words I would use in the copy : Bed and Breakfast in Toronto, B&B, Ontario tourist accomodations, downtown hotels with free breakfast
Another thing is that you can emphasize keywords lightly using Bold or Italic or increased font size ... use the blog tools that could help highlight important keyphrases. Heading is a good one too.

Always use keyword labels to create cloud or category gadget. These are naturally born internal links that generally have more value than most types of incoming links.

For Successful Blogging - Write Exceptional Blog Post Content
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