Yes, regular marketing may complitly dissapear in 2014 , Internet marketing will going the most prefered and easy , cheap marketing style

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As long as people are still watching TV, buying magazines, and news papers, and the likes, "regular" marketting will not disappear. Especially not in 2014.

I have to agree with Stuugie. Regular Marketing will not dissapear in 2014 and especially anytime relatively soon. Internet marketing may take a much higher dominance as the years go on and I can even back-up my argument on this, let's take the amount of online Christmas shopping done this year, which was a surpringly higher number than what was done as supposed to in-store shopping. If I find the statistics, I'll be more than happy to post them. Yes, internet marketing will increase, as expected, but regular "traditional" marketing will not dissapear.

No that will not disappear may be the process will slow down

Not like that, google expecting valid link buildings for their search results.

My point of view its not disappear.
The process will slow down and posted on related sites and too much posting is banned.Regular marketing is must in SEO but in 2014 all things are in limited manner.

I thing answer is yes at present digital marketing replacing all the regular marketing methods, and this year reqular marketing will be disappears

Think about that AmoI555, there are still many target demographics that have people not up in the digital age and still rely on TV, paper, magazine, flyer, and other forms of marketting. No, it will not die this year or any year in the immediate future.

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