Hi...fellow members..I'm using CuteRank free edition to check rank and its best position and other details. In free edition I can use only 1 website and keyword. Is there a tool to check position for free for multiple websites & keywords ? I tried and there are some but they are having limited time and doesn't work after that. Do you guys know any free tool?

Try the "SEO SERP Workbench" app for Google Chrome browser.

Hey friends i need your help

plz tell me how could i improve the SERP i am just doing do follow bookmarking, instant directories and forums. is it fine or i have to do some another work also? plz suggest me asap.

Thanks for the info about seo serp workbench, I just gave it a try it works well. How do you get it to show you more than 10 results? It seems to work pretty well though.

Hey Kevin,

I have installed "SEO SERP" and it works good.


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Google tool bar will help you in this case

really your information is great i use it and it's work great....

please used Google Global Tool for checking pr................

I had installed with my chrome, but unable to check, facing some problem. Can you please.