Can we use hidden content for ranking website?

That's one of the things that most search engines look for to disqualify you with!


Hiddent content refers to that content which is hidden as per user point of view or little bit invisible but the search engine crawler can crawl that content but hidden content is not good for a site so don't put hidden content on your site.

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hidden content leads to the permanantly banning from search result.

Hiding Text or links in a website content can violate a search engine's terms of service. However, not all hidden text is considered as a violation for example, if your website includes technologies that search engines have difficulty accessing like Javascript, images or flash files.

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i am agree with the weboutgateway.

Hidden content is the content that is hidden from the point of the user and the search engines !!

It's okay to hide content due to user interactivity reasons (such as hiding a navigation menu by default that only switches to show when a user hovers their mouse somewhere, for example). But it's a big no-no to use cloaking techniques, which means showing end users something different than you're showing the search engine bots.

It means the protion of the content which is being hidden from the eyes of the Google Spiders.

permanent banning leads to hidden content.

Hidden content is text that a viewer would not find on your website.But search engine crawlers crawls that content.Hidden content is not good for your website.It leads to permanent banning.

This is another technique common among black hat SEO. This observe involves inserting content on an internet page that's hidden to traditional net viewers, and is merely visible to go looking engines.