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Want to know about what to do in 2014 to get keywords ranked in Google search results.


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See SEO techniques will remain same that we use previously and we have to use that. New softwares, tools will come in market but basic statrgies that we use for website ranking will be remain same.

In seo 2014 only give SMO social site optimation ,this is good way to promote and get traffic your site..

In 2014
-you got to write unique, informative, semantic content.
-Do SEO for Mobile.
-Do Forum postings & Submit news on press-releases.
-Basic techniques will remain the same.
-Avoid guest posting.

2014 SEO trends brings in Responsive Web design especially for mobile phones, more preference to Long Tailed Keyword, Unique Content, more of Social Media Marketing and rest are the same.

the normal seo factors with greater importance on social, mobile and links

In 2014 SEO there are you can write unique content.

You can focus on social netoworking websites for promoting your website. You can write original articles of 500 words and blogs of 250 words and submit at high page rank article and blog websites. Never forget after any updation one is point is common i.e content. Content is king in SEO.

In order to keep stay in internet marketing world, need to carry out following activity in 2014

  1. Content marketing - write in-depth article, unique article and blog. And post it on your own blog entity or where you will have editorial control
  2. Article should be more than 1000 words
  3. Focus on social media marketing
  4. Advance guest blogging wherein your intent should be getting link but just providing resourful content to get Google Authorship
  5. Google updated panda 4.0 which is also new
  6. Google is making more userfriendly search engine wherein your quality of content matters.
  7. They are penalising website those are having bad, or low quality backlinks
  8. Also invented new spammy search query related algorithm called PayDay Loan 2.0

SEO gets your Page rank. The big concern is do not use link farms. Your links need to be done manuell. I use my Facebook Business Page to directlt contact my target customers.

do seo for mobile website.
write article and do content marketing.
submit your website in high pr bookmarking sites.

nothing at all new techniques for seo 2014.

Just follow SE guide lines and rules and prevent your site from any SE update is important you. So focus on quality and promote your site in social media.

i am totally agree with you just follow guide lines and rules. when ever new update comes then check your site is violeted or not if yes then remove this and prevent your site form penalise.

Well, I would say the best thing to do is subscibe yourself with the searchengineland posts, which is enough to keep you updated with the upcomming changes as well as helpful in guiding you with your work.

Latest Webmaster Update- Do not block crawling for Google bots to CSS or Javascript in your website.As it relates directly to the ranking.

Now just content marketing is not the solutions for servining in Google ranking. You should be more focused on uniqness and quality of content.

In 2014 Seo have many changes like that now if you want to traffic than post good content and unique post.

Seo strategies is not going to be change,but may loose its scope based on traffic sources. But unique and fresh content post, link wheels, social media promotions and classifieds may help better forever.

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