Penguine release by Google made the Organic SEO and SEO writing more important; still we are witnessing some unethical practices to promote the website. Can we expect new update in 2013 to controll black hat seo or negative seo ?

Definitely....Some website owners and marketers are willing to use any means at their disposal in order to reach the top of the search engine rankings. This is purely because being at the top of the rankings means greater traffic levels which, in turn, means more sales and greater profits. If black hat marketers see negative SEO as being a viable option, or something that is easier to achieve that positive SEO on their own sites then the chances are very good that they will use those techniques.

google update its algo because pf black hat technique used by internet marketers. when google say don't be evil than why don't we listen to it. Due some spammer millions of business are disturb.

The current version google penguine is 1.1 to prevent duplicate content, and newly born website

Most probably there are following updates after the 3rd Penguin update. Google hates spammers and SEOs because of manipulating the organic results so expect the next update.

After penguin, Google updated the EMD Updates. this updates is exact match domain.Google announced the EMD Update, a new filter that tries to ensure that low-quality sites don't rise high in Google's search results simply because they have search terms in their domain names

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