Hello Guys,

I am not expert to ppc, so i need help in managing it. I need help in improving the average position, I am really running out of ideas.

One of my client want his ads at position one. He want to be on the top of his competitor.

Earlier he was taking service from other vendor and they were able to show it on the top but i am not able to show it. What could be the mistake i am doing. Please let me know in detail guys. otherwise i will lose my client.

Any please let me know which postion is good? What should be average position for any text ads. My recent Average ads postion is 2.7 to 3.5.


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Please which search engine are your ads on? Your ad coming on #1 is as a result of a combination of factors e.g. keywords, ad quality score, cpc etc. Since we're not previleged to see the actuall advert/campaign, it's not something that one case easily guess what's the problem. Maybe if your client is willing to increase his campaign spend, that might help.

Moreover the recent Yahoo/Bing alliance has increased the audience available to advertisers on those platforms which in turn means that the competition likely be more so one of the things you might inevitably have to do is to increase your ad spend - that's if your client is advertising on Yahoo/bing. Hope that helps.


I do need bit more details, but i am assuming you are on Google Search Network. I believe you know there is two main thinks determine Ad Rank it is CPC bid and Quality score, if you believe you are bidding high enough then please consider improving quality score for your keywords. Quality score is mainly depends on your CTR, Ad Relevance and Landing Page quality. CTR is the key though. Read adwords article on Quality Score at AdWords Help center.

Hope this will help. If you need more help please post detailed info. (your CTR and average quality score for keywords etc)


Yes, it is easy to get priced out of the best advertising position and i do believe you have to pay more to stay at the top.

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