Can anyone suggest me how to increase the daily visitors to the particular website?

Your prompt reply will be appreciated..

Focus on good, quality content ... especially really informative content you can't find anywhere else, or content on controversial topics that people are going to have a gut reaction to want to reply to or share with their friends on social media. That's a great way to get traffic coming in.

Qualitative and informative content is the first priority to increase traffic. You should share something useful and unique for your visitors. These days social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus are the great source for increasing traffic. You should use these channels to invite visitors on your website.

You can participate on relevant community and share your quality content on social networking websites. you have to create a group on social network and then you can share your website update day by day before that you have to invite more people into your group. Your website's traffic surely get to increase.

Thank you Dani, Surajrai83 and Rebekahcorlin .

Instead of social media can you suggest me other way of increase traffic.

You can try local business listing, classified ads promotion and press release, video promotion, document sharing, communities and group participation.

More Traffic, or more conversions,
I get fewer than 200 page hits daily, but average 2 sales from those 200,
in real estate, that is a huge return, my hosting is $4.95/month.
selling shoes I would need thousands of hits and thousands of conversions.

we can't give accurate information, nobody knows what the site currently looks like, what you want to accomplish, what you need to change,

this thread (mine, but it's good enough to get a ReadMe) may help with coding,
Google WebMaster tools will help with Search engine optimizing

I love how the title of this thread is just 'how to increase my traffic'. I think everyone wants to know that, and it's pretty much the sole purpose of this entire section of DaniWeb.

Mainly focus on attracting the customers to your website through articles,blogs,classifieds and social media sites.Link building wont be effective since traffic is mainly associated from content resources.

Focus on the Long Tail

Stick Around

Optimize Your Articles

Don’t Forget About (Ethical) Link Building

Use Google’s Keyword Tool

Provide Amazing Value to Your Readers

Don’t Try to Outsmart Google

Think of SEO as an Opportunity to Create Value

Decrease Bounce Rate

Produce Quality Content

Create a Company Blog to Increase SEO Traffic

Leverage Industry Experts

Create a Community

Thank you all for your valuable suggestions. Send me some more ideas.

  1. Write good content
  2. Focus on keyword
  3. Use blogging communities
  4. Share on social medias
  5. Get High PR backlinks

You should focus on writing good and original content and poat them on social media,social bookmarking site and article submission sites to get traffic.

you have to continue link buildings .

Content is the main key, because it serves as the meat of a site.

Link building
Quality content
These are the techniques are used to increase the visitors to your site.

you should write good content, main focus on keyword, use blogging communities, share your website on scial media like facebook, twitter, linkdin. Attract customers by writing articles, blogs etc.

My best suggestion is use unique content and use social media marketing. I always submit my website links to High authority website and different conetnt .

According to me if you wants to improve your daily visitors of website then you may need to use the SMO strategies. Now these day SMO is the best way to increase website traffic. You may use Social networking website for Best SMO practice.

Rich and quality content will attract many customers towards the website. Some of the popular techniques used to increase website traffic such as:
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Sites Integration
Updating Website Regularly
Loyalty Programs to build friendly relationship with your customers

I use social media sites like facebook and twitter for traffic.

Build quality backlinks to your website. Focus on unique content,meta tile, meta description, keywords.

Well, I wonder what makes you all think about asking such questions over here. let me share a secrete with you I am sure you have played a game where you have to connect the pipes properly to get water out ! So, driving traffic is just the same the better you connect things the more easily you can drive the traffic. And in SEO driving traffic includes connecting yourself from the sites which are getting good traffic you can do this by participating over the forums, Q/A's.... etc.

To increase the traffic in your website,
Link building
Unique and quality content

These are the techniques are used to drive traffic to your site.

in the short term use google adwords and in the long term use seo

Social has always been a more effective choice for gaining traffic for a website in a short time.

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