Is there any tool for check how good my web page is for Search Engine ranking?

seo analyst tool is the good tool to check that site is good for seo or not

many tools are available-
moz.com - paid
serp.com -free
seocentro.com - free
woorank.com - free
seositecheckup.com -free
majesticseo.com -paid
internetmarketingninjas.com -free

Hope, these will help you.

Well, I guess the question is bit more confusing !! What I mean to say here is SEO is made for changing the face of website i.e. from bad to good or Good to best. Means if you're site is already best then there is no need for..... anyway what you can do is head over to the woorank,analyse your site and you'll get to know where you are lagging... and then you can build plan accordingly.

Which type of tool you want for what purpose. Please suggest.
There are lots of tool available for particular subject.

It is more than ridiculous to rely on any third party for search engine quality checking

why not get accurate results from the source: google webmaster tools

there are so much tool but just for onpage i use quicksprout tool which is very great for onpage. just check it out yourself.

There are many tools to check your web page is good for seo or not. (seo quake “chrome extension”) is the best tool for check your site availability.