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I wantto know that using article spinner website is good for SEO or not.

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While they can make your site look like it is actively putting up fresh content TO A WEB CRAWLER, it does nothing for the real users of your site.
If you don't want people to come back to your site then, by all means, keep posting up the same content spun.
Also, unless you have a good quality spinner the end result may be poorly constructed which will have negative effects both in terms of SEO and real user retention.
And remember, Google is smarter than you. They don't like spun articles and may well have tricks that detect article spinners (I have no idea if this is true) in which case your efforts will backfire big time.
If you like your site and your users take the time to actually MAKE content rather than serve up the same stuff time and again.

But if I'll change the word meaning using article spinner then there is any chances that Google will ban my website.

Why not just concentrate on providing a site with content that people will want to consume long term, rather than gaming Google?

Well, tell you what there's just noo need to concentrate over the tips and tweaks for getting your site ranked. Instead of it concentrate over the long term like @happygeek has said, because once google spots you are never going to find yorself anywhere !

Aritcle content will affect the website due to its low quality and sometimes it would lead to duplication.So i would prefer not to use it.

So get better content. Simples.

Yes, Google Panda algorithm specifically targets article spinning, and you WILL be penalized by the search engines for it.

i think if west time for article spin after you correct . its better to write a new article. if you dont know then search over internet and get knowledge then after write it .
its so easy .why people go with article spinner.if its really good then why people waste time to write ? just think on that part. because on net so much good writter are there. if you dont write then hire some content writter.
its better option.

i think article spiner is not so good for SEO.Article spiner spin the article in sum different language. having Gramer faults. that is why Spinner is not so good for SEO.

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