Which do you prefer

Um, wordpress is normally always the best or ones that you build.

Wordpress is always the best choice for best CMS which is best suitable for SEO.

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Which do you prefer

Wordpress is good but I think Squarespace is a little better from my point of view.

But usually Wordpress is the first option for many people but for me it's Squarespace. It's my first option.

Wordpress and jumla both are best from SEO point of view.We have to use Pluggins for SEO in both CMS's.All in One SEO pluggin is mostly used for wordpress. For Joomla you can search.

I agree with others. Wordpress is mostly used for this purpose.

Wordprss is best source for CMS about SEO.

Newly heard about Squarespace. It is SaaS based CMS then you can create blog, galleries and website also.

Wordpress is users number 1 option for building SEO friendly sites. But i have never heard of Sqaurespace :/ What features does it provide in terms od SEO?

Wordprss is best source for CMS about SEO.

People prefer to use wordpress as it easy to setup, easy to use, easy to promote as well.