Hi Every one.

This is thomos . I am New for Search ENgine optimization , i know about SEO on page and off page steps, but i plan to learn new strategies in SEO, that why am participate in daniweb forum

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Welcome to DaniWeb. However, it's a bit odd that you're saying you are new to SEO but meanwhile you run a company called Best SEO Service.

Hello thomos,
welcome to daniweb. if you want to learn new strategies about SEO this is the perfect place for you.

Hi @Bestseoservices.
I Agree with Dani, how can your target market trust you with the services you offer if you're not knowledgeable on that field.. I think it's better if you create your personal account first then post your questions as an individual user not as your company.

About learning more in SEO.. do a research or participate in forums.

I think if you now about the On-page and Off-page then this is well Good for your SEO skills. If you wants to develop some new ideas of SEO then you may need to stay update with Search engine update.

Welcome thomos, m also a newbie but i know that daniweb is the best platform of solving your doubts regarding SEO.

Forum is a best way for share your knowledge with registered member that very useful to others. It provide plateform in which member ask particular question in relevant category and get answer by member respectively.
There are many blogs and article available on net that helps you to learn about SEO.

Well, I think this question has been ask many times over here itself over this forum. Why don't you first try searching and then post question like ... :( Anyway I would keep it simple try Googling it out ! "How to learn SEO?"

Well, i think that's jsut another very lame thread created to increase your own post count you name itself tells "Bestseoservices" now tell me how are you going to satisfy your users if you're still trying to learn for the place to learn SEO ? I am sorry but your thread seems weird I am going to vote down.

How can an SEO company call itself 'best' if it has zero page rank?

Well in his defence if he launched his website after December 2013 - he wouldn't have publicly visible Page Rank.

@pixelatedkarma really, I couldn't understand it, how can you define a company providing SEO services to other users and don't know about anything, don't you think it's injustified because, if someone hires him then what the other person is going to expect from ... ??

@Kelly Burby - Oh I agree 100% based off of his/her previous track record of posts; however to judge him/her based off of Page Rank doesn't make logical sense, in the manner stated by DistantGalaxy, especially since all indications and generally SEO community consensus point to Public Page Rank being dead.

The updates to Public Page Rank (the page rank that shows up in all the nice little SEO browser addons - which used to be a great measure on how successful we were as marketers) are becoming fewer and fewer per year so to use Page Rank as a determining factor in whether someone knows what they are talking about is absurd. Any website which was created from now until last December won't have Page Rank, and I'm positive none of your Page Ranks, my Page Ranks, or any other forum members Page Ranks have visibly changed since December; even though I'm sure more then a few people here have changed ranks in the SERPs. Simply because there hasn't been an update pushed public by Google - and there might never be another. Fact is, Google is now keeping that information private along with alot of other pretty crucial details (ie. refer to Search Engine Land's articles on Pigeon) making it harder for people like yourself and me to do our job as internet marketers. However if you want statistical data to hang the guy use something that is updated regularly as its relatively more accurate, something like mozRank (which takes into account DA and PA among 100+ other ranking factors). Just food for thought.

If you want to study about SEO basic strategies. You can visit a web site on Google (moz.com). I hope this website will very helping for you.

Glad to welcome this forum, You can update yourself by reading some of the blogs such as mozblog, search engine roundtable, search engine land etc., This provides you the daily updates what is happening in the current scenario.

SEO is not hard to learn. In seo we have to update to our self and read regular search engine news. There are no book are published to do seo. So we have to follow some online online guides and tutorils to learn. Tou should do this ....

There are no book are published to do seo

Really? Amazon reckons there are about 12,000...

SEO can't learn from book or videos. Better make it in practical with the help of support.google.com

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