Is SEO effective now a days?

is the pope catholic
do bears poop in the woods
does monkey poop smell like bananas

all answer yes

create a google webmaster tools account
verify owership of the site (instructions on site)
submit sitemap (instructions on site)
get SEO instructions from google, personalised to your site

Not instant, takes a couple of days

If you perform SEO activity in its best way, it is effective. It is a science in which many things behind it.

Thank you everyone. But can tell me some about SEO?

why would anyone take instruction from one of us, faceless (and/or mindless) people
when you can get presonalised instructions from google .? . ?

presonalised should be personalised

Bob : one of the mindless people

OK, so I'll take this thread seriously since Bob clearly isn't :)

If I'm understanding your question correctly then no, the SEO techniques that you most likely read about on the web are no longer nearly as effective as they used to be. Google took firm action against content farms and buying/selling backlinks and all those other "blackhat" techniques you most likely read about SEO (such as posting in forums to build backlinks, etc.). Most recently, they've gone after guest posting in blogs pretty hard.

That isn't to say that the concept of SEO doesn't still exist. Today, SEO means having lightweight, clean HTML code, a fast-loading website, and an even presence across social media and other traffic mediums, to name a few things.

Thank you Dani. Your writing was quite inspiring. It helped me a lot. I really found it useful.

Thanks Dani. Its very Helpfull and good information.

And, google really do provide individualised instructions exact to their current rank algorithm through google webmaster tools
create accoount
verify site ownership
submit sitemap (see AuditMyPc - Sitemaps )
follow google's instructions for the site

wont fix your content, will fix your code

still one of the mindless :)

Thank you almostbob for sharing this type of knowledge. have you read about new Panda update 4.0 & Pay Day Loan?

Yes, SEO is always effective Black hat tircks are banned in SEO but white hat SEO still yields much more appreciatble result.

Good Kelly Burby you are right but now a days SEO is much difficult, Did you research or know the way to boost traffic on website in minimum or average time?

SEO is optimizing the website and making it user friendly so that search engine can reward with traffic (online visibility)

That's the policy so you can have a easy optimization. There are also other engines where I don't think they require all this stuff to apply !

Dexsmart: when one search engine has >70% of all trafic, only what they say matters.
Google makes the rules, together the others add up to monkey sh_

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