Though many may find this page basic, I found it still provide insights.

What do you think?

I hope many people are aware of this.

This seems like something that should be printed out and handed out to all in the marketing and web management groups of new companies beginning to consider there SEO efforts.

I hope many people are aware of this.

yep... I already have read this page and I also have read Google's starter guideline.

I do wonder how many marketers who implement SEO, whether for their business or for their clients, actually have read this document.

If they found it I would bet they read it and have it posted somewhere for ready reference. Marketers are usually good for understanding the process and they try to work within a framework for success.

I hope so for the sake of their clients and their credibility.

I was talking to a friend who's brother teaches web design at New Horizons and he prints out the Google SEO help page and gives it
out at the first class.