Is there any genuine techniques to increase business queries through calls for a particular websites.. Please comment the best answers about my questions

Well, techniques I would say there isn't any you just need to keep working over the things, reason why I am saying this is because you never know what's in the mind of visitor arriving at your site. You can't do anything much about it other than giving away some offers ...

Your websites showing in first page automatically get more business and leads, so try to bring your keywords to top of the SERP position.

To increase the leads to the website, First we need to do content optimization , image optimization. We need to post effective image and keywords in the social media. Then automatically the viewers turn into customer.

Use contents. Write and create great contents. If your readers get influenced by what you write, i mean if your content solve their ambiguities. It will automatically turn them to your loyal customers. Then they will share your content to the other social media platform also. It will boost your webiste leads in days.

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