I want to know, to be a link builder is there any need to invest in buying seo softwares?

For example: Many seo package mentiod that to index 2nd tier links they will make thousands or wiki links, blog comments, and social media share to those 2nd tier links.

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There are plenty of software items and services out there that one can use for the purpose you are mentioning. Though link building through buying links is not the best way to go. With all these google algorithm updates one have to ve extremely carefull of what is going to buy, from where, how often etc. The best way to go is through the hard way of writing really nice and usefull content for your site or for the site you admiin, increase the authorship of the sitesand using all these attract other authoritative sites and blogs to link back to you with natural links. Social media and social bookmarking will do good to your seo also.

Link building isn't really a standalone way of improving SEO nowadays. I suggest you research more well-rounded strategies that incorporate both onpage and offpage techniques.

First of all make this thing loud and clear that don't rely on tools for getting backlinks as it's clearly said by that using tools to building backlinks is going to end you up in the manual penalty. Rest if you want to build backlinks then then, start building link from forum posting (Get the backlinks from the signature colum available also remeber getting a signature pannel doesn't means that you are allowed to put bulk and bulk of links as most of the time you are going to end up in getting your account banned), Question Answers (it includes several Q/A sites like YahooAnswers, Mosaichub,Quora and all....), also concentrate over the social media by creating a page over their, and start promoting your blog post over their ! Once you start generating enough attention over their I am sure you all will start getting bulk of traffic ! I guess it will be enough to help you at the starting state !

I don't think that so. But you must be strategic and detailed planned oriented. If you can research well and can make unique logical content that's enough.

From Google point of view,buying links to improve ranks on SERPS is a black hat technique which should not be be followed.If detected Google may penalize the website or mark the website as spam.I suggest you to create one way manual link building from blog posting,forum comments, web directories, local classifieds, and social book markings.

Google webmaster tools, register and read "google101 how google crawls the web"

Many seo package mentiod that to index 2nd tier links they will make thousands or wiki links, blog comments, and social media share to those 2nd tier links.

the items in those seo packages are blacklisted

Reality: Google have a search monopoly; nobody else matters
Google make the rules: Google say no

temporary gain breaking Google rules, is not worth total loss being delisted

I'm also a linkbuilder. Depends what types of links that you are wanting to build. White hat links? You spend more time with email outreach. Buzzstream is necessary for that (or something similar). I use buzzstream to collect link prospecting opportunities and then to track outreach campaigns.

As far as this style of linkbuilding vs utilizing software it will really depend on the needs of the client. You can't tank the website of a client and most really don't want your tiered linkbuilding campaigns. Selling on fiverr? Go ahead and get some software and churn out those gigs. Depends on your business model I guess

Go for targeted links from the sites where you propects go! Prove yourself that you deserve number 1 slot in Google by adhering to the guidelines that Google issues from time to time. Feed your prospects with right content when and where they need it. Be a content leader, social leader, brand leader if you want to become number 1 in Google.

Better you do a course of seo. Such courses are offered various seo companies and institutions. Otherwise, no hard investment is required.

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