I have only a little bit idea about onpage SEO. I always prefer off Page seo. Now i need to know about On Page seo, I have only idea about Meta tag. If any one who has vast knowledge on On-Page Seo, Please Let me know about that. I will be very greatful who will share his or her knowledge about On Page seo.

On page SEO is all about site usability.

  • Have a clear navigation structure that is easy to understand and follow
  • Not a lot of ads above-the-fold and not a lot of whitespace above-the-fold

Keep an eye on your Google Analytics stats:

  • Focus on decreasing page load time
  • Focus on decreasing bounce rate
  • Focus on increasing time on page

When it comes to On Page optimization, the most important thing to be considered will be Website Contents, Meta Tags, ALT tags, Header Tags (Especially H1), proper Breadcrumb Navigation, Custom 404 Page and Sitemap (Website & XML).

also consider using html5 so that your website is responsive which is good for mobile seo. dont forget the robots.txt , meta desvription & having loads of content

i had added the things which is not mentioned on above reply

On Page:-

your content should be unique and visibility one.
Try to add images with alt tag, which should be your keyword.
Keyword Density (reduce upto 3-4%)
Use H1 - h4 tag.
Try to include a Internal Links
add OutBound Links too

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On-Page Optimization is all about making your website more user friendly. Have a fast loading website without any broken links. If possible make your website W3C standard code compliance. Don't use internal CSS or Javascript. Use Metadata. Don't overdo with Keyword density instead of that make your content interesting and informative. Use easy navigation.

Hello, You wanted to know about the method of onpage SEO. I feel very happy to inform you that onpage SEO is not much difficult. Its quiet easy. To do an onpage SEO, You have know about,

1.Focus keyword/Meta keyword
2.Meta description
3.Page titel
4.Page content
5.Keyword density
6.Inbound and outbound links
7.H1 and H2
8.ALT Tag
9.Plugins like Wordprees joomla etc.

If you know these things i think you found the onpage SEO so easy.

Thank You

On Page SEO refers to the factors that is to be considered inside the website or web page. Usually, the most common On Page considerations are Meta Tags, website contents, Sitemaps (HTML & XML), Robots File, Header Tags, ALT Tags, Canonical Tags, Bread Crumb Navigation and URL structure (static URL), etc.

Meta tags are just like a snippets of text which will desribe a page content in few sentences. It is just about a little content descriptors that helps to tell search engines about what a page is.

these days it is also important to create an responsive website that is optimized for mobile since sites that are mobile friendly are ranking higher than sites that are not.

OnPage SEO is all about the Contents creation. Everything that comes under the content should not be copied content even images as well which reflect the crawler as a natural content and yeah, 50% of the result is diclaired only from the content of the website. Here's an article "How Google Scores Fresh Content".

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