Is the guest blogging technique is still worth for SEO?

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Yes, I do Guest blogging to Gain traffic. it works..
with that you can do branding for your blog/website.

Yes, it is still worth for SEO, There are still many good reasons to do some guest blogging. But you should read first this article from Matt Cutts

commented: the referenced article is 3 generations old, no longer relevant -3

These days, I consider guest blogging a valuable activity for traffic only, especially since Google is cracking down on optimized links -- a "guest posting SEO tactic."

There's no harm with putting a branded link in your bio when you guest post. It's also common practice to introduce the guest author with a branded link above the fold.

It is still worth. But you can do it for getting traffic purpose.

guest blogging has limited (almost no) value
Because the link is posted by YOU and the bots know it

It will direct the bot to spider your site, if you have not submitted your sitemap through google webmaster tools

The linkedin article linked above is deleted, it was wrong
The Matt Cutts article linked above, is not current, three SE Algorithms old, no longer relevant
It doesnt matter what I write,
what any previous or subsequent poster writes

Google instructions, are compulsory

Follow the directions on your google webmaster tools dashboard,

If you do not have a google webmaster tools account for your site,
get one,
probably the most important thing to do at this point,

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