With info-graphic back-linking when someone uses my image and posts it to a site that is considered very poor quality. Is there any negative-effect from Google? or Google may think I'm spamming with my links on random sites.?

It is also my question but basically I think there should not have any negative effect.

I don't think we have to worry much about bad links to our sites, because we simply can't have control about this fully. Everybody, and therefore also your competitors, can post your web address on shitty low quality websites, so that it might hurt your ranking. Google must know this can happen as well.

u can use the google disavow tool to remove the efefct of bad links that you dont want associated with your site

@Hulk_1 - Indeed, but that was not the question!

gentlemen Good point "Google must know this can happen as well." I think it should be. I heard something like this.... First post is a top priority for Google but, I didn't see any evidence on his quote.

You said... "I don't think we have to worry much about bad links to our sites," Yes I agree with your thoughts because, we simply can't have control about this fully. [you said]. What do you think, it's not a negative seo or black hat seo against me?

Do you have any evidence dear gentelmedia?

Basically, during last few months I've found many backlinks against my wishes. I saw an amount of them are from shitty low quality websites. That is way, I've decided to disavow them soon. So, what do you think about my anxiety?

Yes I know that, you said before "we simply can't have control about this fully." Actually my intention wants to take a proof.

Thanks in advance.

if you find any backlinks which is pointing you from low quality websites. just talk with that website webmaster and ask them to remove your link.

if you don't want to pingback your url, then remove pingback option from your post.

still it make you annoy on ranking,just disvow them.

Kind Regards

If you use disavow link to remove the low quality site then, google would not think that you are spamming. However, having low quality sites is unavoidable but, you can remove it.

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