I observed site having high bounce rate for social media traffic. If bounce rate is a ranking factor, will this social media traffic bounce rate cause my rankings to drop?

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Generally, bouce rate is classified based on the various type of websites crawled by googlebots. So, bounce rate will be considered to be one of the most under estimated factor or valuable factor based on the type of website.

Bounce rate is also having some spamy sites that ping our sites and then our bounce rate going up..

Think So, having bounce rate on social media traffic will never affect your website's reputation. However, try to reduce your social media bounce rate by making visitors more engaged. Also, the need of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn) optimization will vary from businesses, products and services. So, try to employ the right social platform to avoid bounce rate and take your business worldwide.

determination of bounce; is the Key factor
not considered just: hit 1 page and leave
most monitoring records land and leave time for each page: Importantly Google Analytics does, a lot of people depend on GA and the integration with the Search Engine
IF the hit is to a single page that the browser remains on for >~30sec it is not a bounce

An indexed and structured site directs the user to the required information on the first page. If the visitor remains long enough to read the information on that page, it is a single page Hit, a good Hit, not a bounce

Make the page that social media lands at good enough to hold a visitor for even 1 minute, and its good
Make a page full of crap, and bounce rates will skyhigh

Bounce rate is an influential search engine ranking factor that tells Google a lot about your site quality. Maintain a low bounce rate, and that’s at least one way Google will look at you with favor. Keep a sky-high bounce rate, however, and you might just find yourself bounced out of the SERPs.

SE bots cannot determine bounce rate,

SE bots CANNOT determine bounce rate,

the bot sees only the page as presented, no other accesses, no other stats
Bounce is determined by the site monitoring system.
If you use GA, your bounce rate is available to Google, and your stats are wrong. the GA servers are listed as malware in most antimalware systems
third party script; installed without consent; reporting to a third party:: Classic description of malware
Any user with an antimalware system installed, does not exist to GA
If you use the server logs, or any self hosted monitor, to calculate your stats your bounce rate at search engines is ZERO
aka Do not use Google Analytics, and every hit is a good one

The traffic which is coming from social media to our website are probably irrelevant therefore we have to write unique and engaing content which let them on the website for maximum site. This is only the way by which you can reduce the bounce rate from social media